Gardening happenings

I’ve also been wanting to get cracking with my veggie garden during the lock down but have delayed this as we are renting and the little garden is put to grass and paving so I would have to buy plant containers but the nurseries are all closed.

my little garden pano
my little garden pano

I decided to plant the seeds in my green house inside the sunroom in the interim and will decide what to do once they are bigger. There is an area that has fake grass that I may just roll up and put in the garden shed and plant there instead.

I started off with some great stuff I bought at our local Wilko store. Some trays to put the biodegradable seedlings in while watering in the greenhouse which I purchased from Amazon which I’ve placed in my sunroom for now.

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I have used their Wilko 24 pack Round Fibre Plant Pot 6cm, Wilko 12 pack Round Fibre Plant Pot 8cm which I placed into Wilko Watering Tray with Capillary Matting.

I also purchased the watering trays to go underneath to make sure that any drips are caught and don’t damage our flooring. To go with that I also bought their spray bottle.

I used left over tomato planting soil from last year to fill the pots and used seeds I’ve collected from a variety of garden magazines.Wilko Cherry Tomato Hanging Basket 30 x 30 x 16cm Image 2

I aslo made up the tomato hanging basket growing kit and luckily I also have a second hanging basket from last year so I split the mixture between the two and planted seeds in both baskets which I’ll hang on the hooks out on the shed once the tomatoes have finished sprouting. 


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I’ll probably have to figure out what to do with the resident rat under the shed that eats the bird seed that the birds mess as I would hate it to eat my veggies but I’ll have to look into catching and relocating the rat humanely.

I also have my up and running but will make a seperate post with a live link to the footage in due course. I really love opening the app and watching what the birds are up to. Unfortunately the windows in this house are not at a level that you can look out of when sitting down.

I’ll update this post as the seedling grow and get planted out.

I’ve been taking photos of what I’ve been upto over the last few weeks while I’ve been waiting for my planted seeds to grow and have been shopping up a storm so that I have somewhere to transplant my seedlings too once they are big enough.  Unfortunately this is a rented property so I’m not able to dig up any beds so have decided to go for vertical planting method to make the most of the tiny bit of space available in the garden.



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